Cloning And Selection


This is not really a bug, strictly speaking, and not new in 2.0, but still I’d like to mention it because it’s a bit confusing and annoying.

When you select multiple patterns and clone them, the selection marker selects both the old and the new ones. This means that every time you clone patterns you have to deselect them first and then reselect them if you want to move them around. I don’t see any reason for it being like this.

Can’t wait for 2.0 final!
Greets :)

Then lets move this to the ideas&suggestions box. The behavior might not be consistent, but it also doesnt break anything so lets keep this in mind for he next big updates…

Ok fine :)

As I said… it’s not really a bug.

thought about this too a couple of days ago,but forgot to mention it here :D