Cloud Marketplace

A cloud based marketplace to promote and encourage creativity, education and sharing.

  • User data is stored in a chosen local directory and sync’d to the users cloud account and stored securely.
  • Sharing options are available - Public or Private

Public data is categorised and distributed in the marketplace platform as:

  • Renoise releases - Stable, Beta, Alpha…
  • Effect presets
  • Effect chains
  • Doofers
  • Instruments (XRNI)
  • Modulation sets
  • Songs
  • Phrases
  • Themes
  • Tools
  • Scripts
  • Samples


  • Secure
  • Lifetime storage
  • Centralised data
  • Educational
  • Collaborative
  • Expansive library data
  • Sync across multiple workstations/operating systems
  • Self sustaining with the possibility of on-going paid subscriptions

Plenty of room for expansion on this idea, what’s your thoughts?

Like a file system?

Designing a group script for Bittorrent Sync?
Or perhaps there already is such plugin or script around…

Yes! BitTorrent Sync could be perfect for this.