Club In Progress

(dufey) #1


I’m working on a Club-track, and I need some comments on it to improve it, since I’ve never made a Club track before.

Right Click and Save Target As

I’m still looking for a main-instrument to play the main theme…

Any ideas what could fit in?

Thanks in advance

(Ledger) #2

Nice use of reverb and filtering in the intro there Dufey, makes the beat kick in with a lot of impact. I also like the beat a lot in this track.

As to the backing synth, I think this could be built on a bit tho. I was just playing a couple of chords on my keyboard while listening to the track and what worked for my ear was using Am and EMaj together along with the backing synth you have alredy got there. I think having the leading g# helps here (altho maybe not used constanty). Then maybe for a variation moving to Dm chord (still with the same synth line you have already) and maybe building around that.

As for instrumentation piano is always a safe bet with house or a good starting point for adding chords even if you find somethin else works better wiv it + decide to change!

For maybe a solo try some of the instruments on plugsounds free VST! (not a huge soundbank but some nice instruments in there)

Hope some of the above may be useful ( or maybe trigger a bit of inspiration at least :) ) would like to hear the track when you are finished!

(dufey) #3

haha, that’s the best comment i’ve had on a song so far…

How about that, chord-advice :D Sweet! Will try it out for sure!

And about the piano, I’ll try that… It has crossed my mind…

Thanks alot :)

Will try and find plugsounds now…