Collaboration, Anyone?

Yeah, so I got a month off…

Anyone fancy a collaboration?

Could be fun. Any style is good. Probably, the more different our preferences, the better!

Sure why not…
Should be a purely sample based project I guess ?


More details are needed. :)

Nah man, details are not needed!

Like Kara said, just a sample based deal, using internal effects only. If you want to process some samples using 3rd party plug ins, render them to sampler and remove the 3rd party plug in before handing the xrns back.

That is it.

So, you up for it?

Hey this sounds like fun!

If anyone is up for a collaboration with me, let me know.

Well, yeah dude. I am! That is why I started the thread.

PM me anyone who wants to do something together.

Yo Yo