Collapsing Behaviour In Pattern Matrix

I am finding the current collapsing behaviour in the pattern matrix quite confusing. So far I see the following:

  • Collapsing an ungrouped channel has no effect on the matrix.
  • Collapsing a single channel in a group also has no effect on the matrix.
  • Collapsing a group causes the group’s channels to be collapsed in the matrix, but the group’s effects column remains uncollapsed.

Is this intended behaviour or a bug? I would expect the pattern matrix to mirror the collapsing of channels in the pattern editor.

Are you sure the effect column remains visible? what remains visible is a sort of placeholder that roughly shows you which rows has data but that is not the effect column that is visible.

Well OK, I guess it’s not technically the effects column that is visible in the pattern matrix since effects do not show in the matrix. The point is though that the collapsed group is still taking up a full-width column in the matrix, meaning that the matrix column widths do not correlate with the status of channels in the pattern editor.

Ah, i see what you mean.
If you would narrow track 04, there would not be any visible change in the Matrix either. What you see there is visuals that allow you to at least toggle pattern sections in the PM, without this, you would loose an essential control-part of the PM.