Collapsing Fx In The Track Dsps Tab

has anybody noticed the nice realized GUI feature of Blender (an open source 3d application)?

before we get a whole cool mixer with nice fx-insertion, collapsing/de-collapsing fx in “TRACK DSPs” could be a small but useful improvement … and it’s fast to implement ( imho ).

i know we have something like this for the vst-parameters but not for a “whole” fx.

oh wrong direction of the arrow buttons in my draft ;)

huh… finally someone noticed :)

we had a look on the blenders UI several times already. I especially like the idea with the split-areas and “mountable” views.

Anyway, might be useful.

Good idea. When the devs also implement dsp presets I’m really happy

Appreciate that ! B)

Yeah, excellent idea… simple and streight forward. Would love to spend my 80 vote points on that

i dig it too. might be a neat way to reapproach the different components of the tracker so that you can build custom layouts. though i bet running the scopes, scrolling pattern editor and sample editor during playback would completely annihilate whatever system resources you threw at it.

[X] yes [] no

on VST-fx in collapsed state, an additional button ( [E] ) for opening the VST edit window, above the small hook button (see my draft) would be useful too …

the only usability problem is the less space for the FX name in collapsed state. but this could be solved with a tooltip and the full FX name on mouse over.

Yeah, this sounds real neat - straightforward and simple! ;)
Good idea with the VST-fx-edit button as well. Nice illustration as well, Alex.

Just came to think of it: We must’nt forget that it should be possible to move the fx-insertion around in the ‘effect-chain’ in collapsed mode as well, but that could be done by dragging it at it’s shortened name I guess.

that’s right … B)

me too ;)

erm… blah. forget to log in. Not that it really matters who it is, but it’s better to have a name when I vote yes for something ;)

Agree with this suggestion…0e3153b0b4fd97c


Much nicer picture though AMK :P B)