Collection Of My Songs

Been making music in renoise for more then 6 months now, but just now started to go around on the forums…dont know why I waited so long to post music here :P

So heres my soundclick music page:

Looks like theres a lot of professional music producers around here so some tips and constructive criticism would really be appreciated :D To give me an idea of how im doing so far.

all your tracks sound really good,uve got a very nice abrasive glitch sound,similar to datachi in a lot of ways.Very impressed and whatever your doing your doing it right so id just say stick to your guns and keep going.The glitch sounds are very nice,have you got a monomachine or a machinedrum?

some really good stuff there …

Uh neither. Did it all on renoise with no other hardware or software. (other then vst)

bummer!im the same,i do glitch stuff too,very similar to you.Im gonna save up for a monomachine and use the fm+ to generate some nice glitch percussion among other things,at the moment mostly make my percussion using fm7 and toxic biohazard

Are you Terminal11’s older brother? He also uses Renoise doesn’t he?

I wouldn’t buy the monomachine for it’s fm abbilities , yamaha fs 1R FTW:yeah:

i have that synth,its right here beside me,very nice sounds,a pain to edit though even with specialised editors…monomachine would be a lot less hassle to synthesize since it has a dedicated fm percussion section and it has a lot more capabilities presides that,the pattern locks also seem like a huge+ for getting more variety of crazy sounds

WHat’s the problem with the( sakura) editor ?
Everything parameter is there in front of you …

Nope im not.

So it looks like theres some external hardware I could use to create glitch sounds but for using just renoise alone, how good do you guys think it sounds? is it worth it to invest in other hardware?

Sounds great,external hardware will just add to ur arsenal of sonic weapons,i have to get the monomachine though im obsessed with it,the fm is so clear and synthetic it sounds phenomenal. :snares with the monomachine and machinedrum.Autechre use em all the time too and richard devine…

I wouldn’t mind having more aresenal of sonic weapons at my disposal :P Using renoise alone for the samples does seem a little limited at times. And if Autechre uses them they must be good.

What about the breakcore? I see a lot of good amen-smashing jungle around here too. Any hardware that would improve that? Like drum machines? I know there are but I just dont know where to start.

Renoise is the ultimate drum sampler for breakcore. I have thoroughly investigated this.

I have noticed, it looks a lot harder to do on other programs. Renoise is just perfect for me because of the layout and everything.