Color Marker Column In Pattern Editor

Ok say we want to sequence a rhytm in time measure 7/8 using an lpb of 8 …this means our pattern will be 56 lines .( or 112 …)
Now we want to make our melody in an 6/8 measure …then the pattern would be 48 lines long for one measure …since renoise doesn’t support different pattern lengths ( yet ) …what about adding a column in the pattern where we can tag .the beginning of a different measure , with a colored dot for example …
So we can insert a colored dot at line 48 ( where the melody end because its in 6/8 ) in the 56 line lo,ng pattern( because we are using 7/8 as a global measure )
I think this would come in handy just to have some oversight when using different time signatures .
The column doesn’t have to occupy a lot of ( horiaontal )space , just enough to insert a coloured dot .
What you’all think ? :)

No one likes this idea ?

Couldn’t you achieve the same thing by using an empty track with a dummy/placeholder note placed on line 48?

i’m not sure what to think really. i never felt the need to work with irregular patterns. i’d rather see something like this built in with additional functionality (so the whole ‘clips’ idea). building in your specific request would feel to me like a workaround/halfway-substitution for the clips-idea - as you kinda imply yourself:

i think that it is not a good thing to implement a workaround. i’d like to see it ‘all or nothing’. i think for your request, dblue’s workaround is nice and simple.

I understand what you mean , but my suggestion is not really a work around for how renoise should handle ddiffenernt time signatures , It is just an approach to give some visual feedback …directly in the pattern editor ,

Yes , or even a dummy effect command ., still I thought it would be a good idea .