Color Of Inactive Tabs

Hi there,

it seems that the color system has changed in 2.5 compared to 2.1. Have a look at the screenshot:

The left side is 2.5, the other is 2.1.

The inactive tabs on the first one are dark, so the tab captions are not easy to discern especially from a distance. There does not seem to be an option for the tab color change. One could change the font color okay, but but then it affects color of DSP unit slider captions.

Is there a way to get it back to 2.1 style?

yep, the tabs are a bad idea overall… the interface is becoming distracting by introducing new elements that only appear in one place, and also, they are not coloured as proper tabs should be: there is a dividing line under the tab header that should not be there and breaks the “tab” feeling (especially on lighter skins). look at the screenshot, the active tab should be the same colours as the space below and not the darker gradient, that would be the proper way it is done in EVERY other app that uses tabs.

I don’t think that it does not look like tabs in other applications is a big problem, though may be desirable.

In my case we have a definite usability problem on the forefront, i.e. the program becomes harder to use. Granted, from your screenshot it appears that for a dark coloring scheme the white print is fairly legible but I prefer lighter schemes.

In fact, I have been giving Renoise a chance a number of times since 2002 but the dark default interface was the main reason why I wouldn’t switch to it. But with the version 2.5 it appeared that the program has packed some fairly convincing features that I actually took time to change it something more suitable for a LCD and it almost worked.

I have also a problem because of the inactive tabs being too dark (especially the upper frame tabs due to my higher desk). And there is no theme with lighter tabs :(