Color picker slider glitch

1) Minor cosmetic ‘bug’ on track color picker:

Two issues with this: Going down to zero on S or V will make the point snap to 0,0. You will also notice that the point starts to ‘boggle’ at places.

Possible solution: I suspect that instead of making an HSV2RGB2HSV conversion (?) and plotting the point, you could plot the point directly from the slider values. At least it will maintain ‘resolution’ while the dialogue is open and look a bit slicker. Such a minor one, but still ;)/>

(Also try to set S and V values to something like 20 and notice that when increasing the H slider it will snap to the other side at 356.)

2) Strange behavior with theme RGB sliders in preferences:

I manage to change value on one slider by changing another one.

  1. set R, G and B to zero
  2. Click on right arrow for R so it becomes 0x01
  3. Move the blue slider carefully up while noticing the R slider.
  4. You should notice that R slider boggles to 0x00 at some places. You might have to try a few times.

Some HSV conversion going on here as well, perhaps?

It’s converting from integer RGBs to HSV floats, so this will always be a bit fuzzy. Does someone care if we ignore this one?

It’s a small thing that just bothers my eyes when toying with my ‘track color device’. Better focus on more important stuff! Fix it on your spare time or vacation perpaps ;)