Color Themes For Renoise

We were both too late with this; …maybe sum turquoise greyish thang would also werx.

Black and white wont work too well. My favourite is the green one called ‘absinthe’, although I like the default one too

New Renoise user here!

I didn’t like Renoise’s default theme, or any of the bundled themes. I find them either too dark and unfriendly, or too garish and unprofessional. So I’ve made my own! This is how I think Renoise should look by default:

Maybe not as main default; yet mos def could be included in the bundled themes. Really good werx, brother; looks friendly & pleasing to the eyes.

Not bad… but 1) pitch black text is too black, 2) pitch white text/symbol on blue doesn’t quite work.

Not bad…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Joule, you must have a keen eye because you managed to spot the two things that were wrong with my theme…

  1. pitch black text is too black

You’re right, it is too black - this is down to a limitation of the theme editor. The pattern sequencer uses a lighter version of the text colour, so if I make the text any lighter, you simply cannot see the pattern numbers at all! So unfortunately it has to be this way.

  1. pitch white text/symbol on blue doesn’t quite work.

Once again, well spotted! I checked and it wasn’t actually a problem with the theme, it was a problem with my screenshot - I’d assigned the wrong colour profile which made the blue look washed out.

I have now fixed the screenshot, and I’ve also revised the theme to make the blue a touch darker and less vivid (version 1.1):

Joule always very accurate in here; also the fasted typer on these #forums. :ph34r:

Do note that you now have two different kind of blues :slight_smile: The transport buttons belong to a different class. I do like the theme. It’s the most potent light colored theme I’ve seen, aside from the redux theme, but I’ll modify the text color slightly and darken the blue a bit more to personal taste.

Found some here:

Salvia Temple Uploaded

A bit like Harmor except different

Natural Themes based on the type of colors of light in my room at different times.

I hope this link works.

Natural Themes based on the type of colors of light in my room at different times.

I hope this link works.

Thanks mate ! Good job :slight_smile:

Reminds me of old thyme academics

Couldn’t upload to theme area though my modern browser is updated

I still think ‘original’ and ‘absynthe’ themes are the best.

[edit] looks like the absynthe theme has been taken down, that was the best one.

So I’d say best now is ‘default black’ and ‘trackah123’

Two themes inspired by Scope software and plugin, are not perfect but very comfortably on long nightly session :slight_smile:

Some screenshot



I created an Ableton Live 10 theme for Redux, guess I post it here since it’s also compatible with Renoise?


Action shot:

Get the theme here

This is what it looks like in Renoise:


Re-upload of my Midnight theme for Renoise 3.1.1.T123-Midnight

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Where’s all the Themes?
Links to the good ol’ Theme database are all bad.
I don’t think this is the kind of update that’s been requested… Js lol

here are mine, turns out you can just drop files into the textarea:

my jam.xrnc (5.0 KB)
my jam2.xrnc (4.9 KB)
snizzle2017.xrnc (5.1 KB)
snizzle2019.xrnc (5.0 KB)

You can drop pictures in too :wink:

I know… but I couldn’t be arsed sorry, it was more like a test. “having” to make screenshots would just have meant not doing anything. feel free to post your themes with screenshots and everything tho :stuck_out_tongue: either way, you don’t have to download, just open with Renoise - if you have a running instance it just changes colors and if you like it, you can save it as custom theme.

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