Column Framework

I think it looks ugly and is a miscue.

I would love to be able to turn it off if it must look as it is now – it keeps making me think I’ve tabbed to the next track instead of just the next column.

To me it is the opposite. Before it was impossible to clearly see the separations of note columns when you used many of them.
Do you use a special theme, or do you find it bad on every theme? Did you usually hide the framework in earlier versions? If so, perhaps you are just not used to it yet? :unsure:

Colour coding of tracks would clear this up.

(I have said this many times before; sorry to repeat myself)

Nup, default theme, framework on. The main irritant I think is that the border, though faint, is 2px thick.

Anyway that’s a mini design project for me on the weekend.

colorcoding is something i tought about just afrew days ago also :)

OK I figured out the problem.

I moved the dividers 2px to the left and it looked much better (they looked more ‘at home’ with the new spacing).

When the dividers are butted up against the following column (as they are currently), they look thicker than they are, i.e. between 1.5 and 2 pixels wide, which is the width of the framework between tracks.

This might just be a CRT thing: I’m sticking to this oldschool screen til mainstream LCDs have colour as good as the iMac 24" ^_^