Column Fx

I know, it’s very tricky kind of a question, but here it is…

I got 1 track (2 or more columns inside), i got some FX on it…

Is there a comand to apply FX on 1 column only?

Avoiding touch another one…

I got very complicated xrns now, so if i can do it somehow it’ll save much of time.

Thanks in advance tracker-headz brothers!

see my reply here

I don’t get where should i input the


Sorry, man, I think this was the part It-Alien was referencing, the rest was his idea for how it could work:

For now, you’ll have to put your note in a separate track.

yes, sorry for confusion: the idea described into the referenced post is not available in Renoise, it is just a suggestion by me; as gnute says, it is currently not possible to do what you ask into Renoise

Oh, lol)))


Would this way realised in Renoise 2?

its a shame,really would love to have this :dribble: