Column Solo Function

e.g. on drum-tracks i work with more than 6 columns … it’s totally annoying with a mute-function per column only … PLEASE a solo function - maybe assigned to the right mouse-button (at the moment both mouse-buttons work as mute switch)

(AND PLEASE a change of the really toooooo small play/mute buttons … i suggested it ONE year ago:
after my suggestion we got mute on columns in Renoise with small track-mute buttons … but is this the final solution??? <_< )

Would find both of these additions useful!

Some sort of keyboard shortcuts for column mutes aswell would be great. They would only have to work for each individual track while you were in it. Am still hoping for track mutes to be assignable to keyboard shortcuts aswell!

Column solo would be really useful - I often find myself right-clicking a column mute to solo it - it simply should work this way!

Speaking of column mute settings, they are still not saved in RNS files… Hope this old suggestion of mine got on the list for 1.3…


I would like that keyboard shortcuts include track 1-10 (keys 0-9 on the keyboard with a shift modifier). This is something I’ve been benefiting from in years on the AXS tracker, and the current “backslash” mute shortcut doesn’t cut it - it requires that the cursor is located in the track you wish to mute.

Of course, channel mutes controlled via MIDI would also be a nice addition. In fact - every keyboard shortcut should be able to be mapped to MIDI !!!

@danoise … maybe you are right … but your suggestions are not the theme in this topic B)