com.Renoise.MidiConvert with pitchbend and LPB support


See tool version here: com.Renoise.MidiConvert with pitchbend and LPB support


there is a constant LPB used in ConnerBW’s MidiConvert tool in line 491 of export.lua.

lpb = 4

It should be instead:

lpb = RNS.transport.lpb

It says in the description:

MIDI Commands
* M0 xxyy: Set CC Number/Value

Does it mean that it only support M0 XXYY, or was M0 XXYY different in Renoise 2.8, and M1 XXXX was not taken into account yet? Since my pitch slides do not seem to be exported…

Ok I managed to add midi pitch to export, but it is not accurate yet.

Is the fx_col.number_string the Channel Fine Tuning and the fx_col.amount_string the Channel Coarse Tuning in the midi control change message, like described here?

It should be instead: lpb = RNS.transport.lpb

I looked at git blame, that’s how it was before?

Search the forums for what @danoise means by “working LPB implementation?”

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Found some links:

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I think I now added proper pitchbend support and fixed the LPB tempo, but needs testing. I scaled the upper and lower bytes by 0.5 :joy:. Midi pitchbend is weird:

com.renoise.MidiConvert-pb-fixed.xrnx (19.7 KB)

I downloaded it from the tools page, it had the same bug.

EDIT2: It actually works. But it breaks, if there are some notes in the track column of the midi commands.

So do not place M0 / M1 commands like this:

But instead like this / increase the number of track columns:

Damn now it turns out Bitwig 2.35 does not support midi pitchbend import yet. 2.5b4 not, too.

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