Come On Darkness

I’ve been working on this track for ages and it’s gone through at least two complete metamorphoses since I started. There is still something that bugs me about it, but I can’t really put my finger on what it is. All kinds of feedback heartfully welcomed.

nice formant-bass, I like the track and how it progresses, the change in beat structure, section starting around 2.08 is a little to strange imo, @ 2.15 it changes into a nice rhythm though. Too many changes in a short amount of time? Maybe stretch some of these elements for better cohesion?

Thank you J, for constructive crits. Can’t hear what’s strange about the 2.08 bit - s’just a synth playing stuff that’s in tune with everything else. Would you care to explain why it is strange?

Also, I think it is interesting that you find the track too compressed. It does go on for almost five minutes - but on the other hand it is the shortest of all the dubstep tracks I’ve posted. Maybe this genre needs a bit of time to unfold in order to work? On the other hand, I find that endless variations on the wavawavawava get kind of boring after a while.

yeah, I should have explained it better. I’m extremely nit-picky :) , it is probably my internal timing, sense of rhythm here, but the incoming offbeat snare section at around 2.08 didn’t feel quite right to me yesterday, like it comes in to abrupt and I have to adjust my fingersnapping & neck bopping ;-). What I meant with ‘cohesion’ is that this particular introduction plays for a few bars, then a few bars of funky bubbling rhythm, then a break again for the full bassy rinse-out end section. It is a matter of taste, but I’d draw out some of these sections. The more I listen to it though, the better it sounds, in other words, forget about mt ramblings!

OK - I see what you mean now. I guess you expected the “normal” beat to go on far a couple more bars before the change (i.e. for four patterns rather than two).

Glad you’re learning to cope! :)

Like the electro style bassline, would be good for a heavier style electro/dubstep remix along with the vocal + vocoder. P

Cheers! I actually intended for this too be a heavier and filthier track, but it didn’t turn out that way.

nice! i think a bit more “busy” drums could work in some places. not that i’m too familiar with dubstep but some ghost notes on the snare to break up the half time feel of the drums might work. maybs giving that down beat cymbal some rest at times to change stuff up?

also, i like my drums more in the higher registers and more in the face. kicks/snares with a lot of higher freqs are miam! (=

(take in account that i’m listening at work with ear buds so it might sound a bit warped here.)


Thanks, maes! I’ll give that cymbal a rest from time to time. That’s just lazy programming, I’m afraid. As for the business, the drums actually used to be busier, with plenty of ghost notes and snares and kicks all over the place. It didn’t work because the bass line itself is so busy, so they clashed badly.

I find it hard to mix in the higher freqs, partly because of bad monitoring (you would not believe what I am mixing on), and I have a suspicion that my mixes rarely do much above the high-mid area. I just can’t tell (I actually think my hearing may be damaged at the highest freqs).

like it. has a nice groove going.

agreed, maybe just make a massive break/drop before the 2:08 mark, otherwise most head- nodding will stop there.

dont know, but the kicks could get some low cuts too.

keep it up.