Coming soon: my new own made VST. Demonstrated with Renoise. ;)


Here’s a video demonstration of my new soon coming own made VST plugin.

The hardstyle/hardcore people of you will love it! :wink:

Demonstrated inside Renoise.

It will be soon finished (just some days, maybe in a week) and available for free. I’ll keep you up to date here in this topic, when it’s finally released.

might be bad. but is it bad like jerry lee lewis?

don’t you think that much processsing is a bit overcooking. most of my hardcore kick use 3/5 effects. and the razor mode of the distortion of renoise is allready a hard clip

I think the plugin would benefit it it also had Flipping distortion.

I made a hardstyle kick a while ago maybe you could stick your plugin and there for fun

thanatos: depends on what age of hardcore/hardstyle you aim for

Sounds great, but its a must to have a 64bit version, too. Dont miss this :slight_smile:

64 bit also will come. :wink: