Coming Soon: Sound Wiki

I’m currently working on starting a massive undertaking: a wiki that will eventually act as a concise encyclopedia of sound production knowledge. It will cover everything from sound design, to mixing and mastering, music theory, song writing and even the psychology of sound.

I’ve decided to create Sound Wiki to support the idea that the open source mentality should not only apply to software and encyclopedias. Sound and music producers throughout the ages have been keeping the tricks of their trade secret, and this makes it difficult for independent producers and musicians to achieve the level of quality they want without spending small fortunes going to production schools, or taking years to learn what could easily be imparted by a concise reference. The advent of wiki has spawned a new opportunity for these bedroom producers, as Sound Wiki will provide articles on everything from Synth programming to Mastering, and will demystify the creation of many classic sounds. It will also define new techniques that are on the cutting edge of production, and hopefully encourage a previously impossible revolution in sound design. Knowledge is power, and this wiki will help give the global sound community more power over it’s creative process than it’s ever had.

I’m currently taking some time to structure the wiki, and I’m looking for some people who are interested in becoming hardcore wiki-gnomes, and helping get the basic knowledge articles together. Until this is done, I don’t plan on releasing the wiki to the public. I believe it’s best to get a good framework up so that any new content that’s added gets added in the right place, in turn meaning less long-term work for the people administrating the wiki. If anyone is interested in getting in at ground zero and helping to put this wiki together, please private message me on the forums or in IRC, and I’ll let you in on the plans so far. I’m looking for people who are willing to be dedicated to this cause, as opposed to those who just want to add some of their own content. That can come later ;)