Command Line Arguments

would it be overly difficult and/or pointless to enable command line arguments on renoise?

specifically i was hoping for perhaps being able to render a file from the command prompt, being able to list and export the samples, instruments and maybe dsp chains in a file.

the reason i was hoping we could get this is so that i could connect to my computer at home, render a file to wav and encode it to mp3 or ogg so that i could sho someone work in progress and assemble demos quickly. the file content list and export would also be a useful way to browse other files for samples and dsp chains without closing a work in progress.


I thought I was the only one feeling the need for this :)

i think the dev team should concentrate their work for adding other needed features but if the file-format description is available maybe other 3rd party devs could make additional tools …

… and on linux-based os’s there is maybe a sense for command line stuff … but on winXP/2000 ?!

but i agree a connection to Renoise over LAN/WAN is really interessting. i know there is a tool for doing something like this with gigastudio … let’s think about later B)

Excellent. You’ve got my vote.


  1. being able to specify an alternate config.xml (so that, e.g., one can conveniently have a separate configuration for live performance). [[By the way… where does renoise actually store the settings set in the “Configs” tab? I don’t seem to have a config.xml in my renoise directory, and I can’t find the settings in the XP registry anywhere…]]

  2. being able to specify a particular PlayList.txt to run.

Check in: Documents and Settings/user/Application Data/Renoise ;)

ah! wonderful. thanks, dby.

You can try a click’n’script tool that only operates with mousecoordinates and timebased scripting. So you can make it perform automatic short-cut and click actions for you.
I don’t think that tools like ScriptIT would work on a self-designed GUI and window application like Renoise.
And it’s a very way around but it will work with the current version.

this is really a mad idea :lol:

how could you know where in the file list is your file?

How about just make the script type in the full path in the text-field?
Most scripts do not only perform mouse-actions, key-actions they can do as well.

To solve this part of the problem (connecting remotely to render), you might try using VNC — it lets you connect remotely from one machine (windows, mac, linux, etc) to another machine running the VNC server (windows, mac, linux, etc, and not necessarily the same OS).

Here’s an example of me running renoise in windows remotely, at a linux terminal:

It’s not nearly fast enough to comfortably track, but it works for rendering and so forth.

Yes, I’d love to have command line arguments in Renoise, especially "start in “I’m not a ReWire host”-mode, for instance.

The only one I’m aware of for now is
/Applications/ -ForceRunningAsSlave

and Rendering files (from terminal… without using real audio output) is still definitely not a bad thing
and -C config.xml ? f yeah.

Wait, can commandline arguments be used to render the separate wavefiles of separate tracks?

Sorry to disappoint you, I meant to say “would still not be a bad thing”

So the only commandline thing we have is -ForceRunningAsSlave and <songname.xrns>

… and <tool.xnrx>


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