Commands Not Working

Hey everyone,

Just getting back into making some music in Renoise 2.5 and everytime I put an fx command into pattern nothing happens?.I have tried everything to get it working im probaly just missing something.

And also what is the command number for making the really fast edits as i have forgotten.


Can you be more specific? Nothing happens to the sound? Nothing happens, meaning you can’t even type the command into the pattern? Something else?

Even better, can you provide an example song file that we can test? (Or perhaps even just a screenshot of the pattern)

You might be thinking of retrigger? In which case, that’s 0Exy

Quick tip: In Renoise 2.5 you can find a handy command reference via the FX menu under the pattern editor:


Thanks mate its sorted now

This feature is the bomb. since i have a really bad memory ha