Commercial Use Renoise

If there’s any other people using Renoise professionaly it would be fun if you posted links to your stuff here. Always nice to see that Renoise is as good as any program for professional producing =)

Here’s my latest tune.

I just finished of a song for a SonyEricsson product, and planning on promoting the song and Renoise on my web page and other places. The song was made entirely in Renoise even the Recording. mastering was the only thing that was done externally. Sonyericsson liked the song so much so they decided to pay for a full music video. You can see promotional video at this adress --------> … Click on backstage movie.

The full music video will be released in a couple of weeks when i get their full permission to upload it to several places and promoting the song. Getting back to you then. ( My site under construction !COMING SOON!)

Used Renoise to compose a series of songs for a Toronto Arts Festival called “LuminaTO” - you can see clips containing the song at -

The quality of the clip is a little dodgy; but she’s all Renoise!

Congratulations! That was very cool! Nice.

That song was great definatly got potential!

Btw there was a Renoise made song in the TV series Nip Tuck.

Great song! You deserved that. :walkman:
When can we expect to see the commercial on TV here in Sweden? :)

Don’t know if they will make TV commercials for those watches. Probably not, and if they did I don’t know if they will use that spot and that song for that. =)

very cool song! very cool video… good to see people succeed with renoise :)