Communist Disco+funk Mixset

Because I recently found out one of my friendly neighbours is a DJ and has two turntables at home I could finally do a new mixset (I have only turntable at home, for sampling, and recording my last gigs always went wrong for different reasons (cable left at home, broken mixer etc.))

Looza in the mix - Non Stop Beat, 70 minutes with (partly jazzed-up) original funk and disco tracks from the GDR, Poland, the CSSR and the USSR, mainly 70s.

Go here to download or stream.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

anyone checked this out, btw ? would love some comments and criticism.

Listening to it very, very often. It’s quite relaxing.

Since “My Idea of Lounge” is playing back daily in my playlist, a must-download that is for me.
Always loved your sets. :)

Don’t know what to say, Looza. It’s awesome. Precious piece of culture and just good songs. Glad to have someone like you. Thanks for offering us beautiful music history.