Comp on Master question.

Hi guys.

In Studio One3 or Live9 etc if I turn the master fader down the volume through my monitors is lowered but I can see that the signal from the individual tracks to the master are unaffected.

Now in Renoise lowering the master fader also lowers the sound coming into it so the master buss compressor signal is also lowered but I don’t want to mix at full level all the time.

I could turn the monitors down at source but (A) it’s fiddly and ( B) I set them up so they were the right distance and volume using a spl meter.

I can see that in systems that use the windows volume control you can leave the master fader at -1db and turn the system volume down but my M-Audio asio bypasses the system board.

Am I missing something obvious here?

I check both pre and post settings but no difference.



Well it sounds like you are turning down the input. Using the master channel fader works normally here. (Shown below as “Output”.) You can also control this fader selecting “post” from the mixer settings.