Compact "yeahyeah!"


Dig it!

yo…many thanks!

i am still workin´ on the drops/arrangement…though i wont add anything soundwise - so it´s almost done:D

think i will put some sidechainin´ on the pad to let the drums stand out more in that part…

thank you again for diggin´ my music!

happy x-mas


Watch yo mids, + could use some more bass and track-length :) . Progress that simple melody into something more elaborate and special. Good start.

kewl, jonas!

many thanks for your input…im still working on it; havin´ a shitty monitor system at the moment i very much apreciate your comment about the mids…will work that out.

what do you mean with more bass; variation or sound, like more sub or so - just a little confused…i will put some variation of the bass riff in the arrangement 4 sho!

let santa send U sum nice muzik…