Compare Two Text Files And Filter Out The Differences ?


how to compare two text files and filter out the differences ?

i figured someone might know a software for this ^_^



For windows:

yesch! haha… just perfect, you just saved me a LOT of work , thx!


seems it even offers a option to integrate with tortoiseSVN now that’s just sexy :D

As a SAS programmer I use PSPad.

you can do the same by going to Tolls->Text Differences

and free too.

pspad is really great!, not as good as UltraEdit but for a free-ware application, the author of PSPad for sure deserves donations as well.
Or someone else must know a better free text editor app with syntax highlighting and macro scripts?

I use jEdit 4.3 pre14. ( )

It has a good diff plugin too.