Compatibility with new MacOS (Mojave)

(ffx) #42

Hope it helps for you. Maybe you can report back if it changed anything? It helped here with some vst plugin GUIs and also a lot with Tracktion Waveform. I have the illusion that even Bitwig GUI speed increased like 2% (which is btw. quite ok since 2.51).

(wes2819) #43

Because some of my plugins won’t load (mainly Waves plugins) in Renoise and my UAD plugins are bugie (causing renoise to hang and shut down, usual when I move or delete a UAD pluging from a track), I’m forced to switch to Reason 10.
There was a discount on Reason 10 and I’m familiar with it’s interface.
Before I bought Reason I installed the demo to see if all my plugins are working. And it did, without issues.
I still will follow Renoise’s development and I hope all the issue’s will be fixed in the future.
I’m using Renoise for more then 10 years, and it is still my number 1 DAW.
When you understand it’s interface, you love it’s simplicity.

When Renoise eventually will be updated and most issues are fixed. Renoise will be my preferred DAW again and I will switch back. Reason will rewired then :p.

(xiiln909) #44

@taktik Yes, I downloaded the latest build. Also tried deleting all files from the preferences stored within macOS, and reinstalling Renoise completely new. Still no success…

(xiiln909) #45

Update: After clean installing Mojave Renoise works on my machine again! Hooray! Not sure why it wasn’t working before…

(wes2819) #46

I was running 64bit Renoise. I tried 32bit Renoise now and it runs without any problems. can access all my Plugins. I’m a little bit confused about this 32/64 bit version of Renoise thing.
Anyways, from now on I will use 32bit version of renoise. Reason I will use for jamming.