Compensating For Compensation

I have an issue where a track with a line-in device in midi return mode still requires extra latency to fully compensate; A full -50ms actually. At this point i have every note synced up nicely, but if i try to sync an LFO device on the same track, then that is also naturally delayed, so i’m back to square one.

The workaround right now is to drop a send on the delayed line-in track and do any other time-sensitive effects on that send track, but as I have a lot of line-ins the process feels a bit unwieldy…

What exactly does the midi return mode on the line-in device actually constitute? Could we possibly have a bipolar slider on that device much like the track delay?

The line-in return mode expects the audio signal being used on a track with a line-in device so i expect it would compensate for some latency.
If you compensate this by delaying other tracks you probably are actually doubling the latency compensation.
The LFO device can be triggered to offset from a different point using the Reset command in the command effect column, so you could theorethically also do some trickery there, i usually pick this approach if i need the LFO device to start from a different angle.