Compensating latency with external processors - best practice


I just need some clarification on how best to be using external processors in Renoise please. I’m using a Send device on a track to Send 1, setting the output to my audio interface output, which goes through the processor and back in on another channel. I’ve then set up another return track with a Line Input device set to the interface input.

Obvs there is a latency, which I have measured to around ~1655 samples. Using this tool I set the negative delay on the return track. It doesn’t seem to be compensating for the latency as I’d expect, even if I put the delay on the original source track.

But if I use Voxengo Latency Delay plugin it seems to work great. Should I be able to do this natively without plugins?


OK so for future reference:

Any tracks associated with the external output - source->send and return tracks need to have the negative delay assigned to them.

From what I can tell it is working well