Complex Copy/paste

Pretty simple idea here…

I would like to make a selection in the pattern editor and being able to copy all the automations + notes in that selection and paste all this in another part of the track

I’ve tried with adv. edit but it doesn’t seem to work the way i want…

maybe it is something scriptable?

Well copying from multiple tracks into one track:no this isn’t possible.
Advanced edit masks work on equal areas, they have to be. To combine data from several tracks require an extra special switch. with scripting this can be solved yes.

scripts like these (adv.edit the lua way) would prove to be incredibly interesting.

I mean to copy/paste automations + notes in the same track but not in the same place of a pattern

let’s say i’m in track 1 and i want to copy from line 00 to 09

now i want to paste the same notes + automations still in track 1 but lines from 15 to 24

is it possible with just one command?

ya a mode where you can copy/paste all the note and automation of a zone to another zone would be pretty usefull