hey awl

i havn’t been around here much lately, doing a lot of school (fun piano and art classes) and LSDj ing for my live performances . …

however, i am here now, and with good news :rolleyes:

i’ve got another release comming out on the kikapu net label within a few months and would like to include some nice remixes as i did last time. :blink:

sooooo … i’ve made up a pack w/ samples and a demo trak from my gameboy using LSDj. chek @ + feel free to pass the url around.

compo ends march 31st so get in touch b4 then with finished masterpeices :D

kh9dERw0n’ dEDBOIz + :|kREw
:yeah: 6 :yeah: 6 :yeah: 6

m . e . 0 . w > > >


depends on if you’re embaressed about pouring over golden books at whatever age you are?

it is from some horrifying little story.

cats are terrible.

:o Heeeeey, cats aint terrible!!

I have an adorable cat, and she’s a pro at playing fetch, and she’s never hissed, not ONCE!!!

Altho she DOES scratch up my arm pretty bad when we playfight :rolleyes:

DOGS, on the other hand, are scary stuff… :blink: almost got my hand bit off two years ago…

but then again, It all depends on what “taste” ya got right? B)

~Dufey :yeah:

hehe … yes, it is all about taste i suppose…

i’ve always had pet birds … and sometimes fish. lizards too (the cutest lepord geckos :lol: )

HAHA!! Is that cat from the cover of a Golden Book??? :o
He looks insane!!! :lol:

Big difference between cats and dogs (I have both) is that while dogs worships you, cats thinks you worships them.

…and yes, I suppose cats are a bit evil. Or atleast they undestand the consept of being evil.

Dufey is right, cats are adorable creatures! My cat even likes Renoise, especially V1.25!!! Check this out: