[composition] Arpdoom

Link : Arpdoom V0.03.06 @ AcidPlanet
Length : 3:36
Style : Electronica/Experimental

You know, I actually bleed to get this tune sounding right, well more acurately - my pinky finger bleed from me chewing the nail on it, but all in all I think it was worth it, hope you like it.

I don’t really consider it finished atm, I kinda want to have some vocals in it, but after 8 years of 100 grams of tobaco a week without any kind of filters on the cigerettes, my voice has kind of lost its ability to strike any other note than an almost mono-tone tune.

So, and I know this is a shameless plug, I’d like to announce a bit of a personal compo. Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to sing to this tune, I have some lyrics written up, but you are more than welcome to write your own, tbh, I really have not much more to say to the rainbow people, words can not express what actions can provide, and only through my actions can I prove my gratitude, not my words.

Anyhow, if your keen, PM me, everything is open to negotiation atm, so feel free to demand any terms you like from me, I’ll consider anything that is reasonable, whether it be altering the tune, tempo or whatever, I’ll happily adjust it to suit your needs. If for some unbeknown reason you think you can do something exciting with this, like make cash, your free to discuss that with me too, but I don’t go out of my way to make money, I try to concentrate on my gifts, and they are normally free - guess I’m lucky in a way, cause I got stable income that I don’t really have to do a whole deal for. (though I got to be honest - it’s under $250 a week most weeks).

Criticism of the artwork is welcome. Though I hope most of it is positive (looks woried) - I think this tune is worthy, and I really hope it is.

PS: Please keep this thread for comments on the tune, if your are interested in my offer, please use private messages, thankyou.

Alright mate. I like your sound. Pretty relaxing and smooth.

Just an idea… Instead of getting a vocalist, why not just sample a load of vocals from elsewhere and get creative with them. Could be cool.

Or have a go with Vocaloid :D

A couple of thoughts (I’m focken drunk so ignore, I am probably wrong)

sample cracking=bad idea.

Use of delay is unnecessary if you live up the melody. ditch 49 -> melody, theres no catch so its sounds like a looooong intro to something which will never come.I think you have tried to find a chorus with a pattern or two but those just doesn’t quite cut it.

Np mate, thanx for your input…

Nosh it - I honestly thought I had taken them out - must be an old version - Will upload a new one later, hopefully there will be none of that!

Will look into it, I would hate you for telling me that it sounds like a long intro - but your not the first to say that about my compositions, so I’ll have to take it as an honest crit. I’ll do some research, and possibly ask around, since I’m not even really sure what a break is, but if I got a hunch, then perhaps this could solve the criticism you have made. The other half, about removing the delay and live up the melody, this I can do, and now that you have said that - I probably will get back to work on it tonight.

Thanx mate, I appreciate the comment.

@ Hooligan / DCS : You are Genesis itself mate, I did what you said, and I concur with it, new version is uploaded.

Some questions, mostly directed at Hooligan / DCS’s criticism, but anybody is welcomed to answer them…

  • Do you hear any pops or cracks in this track, perhaps my hearing is real bad, but I honestly think they have been eliminated (they really should not have been in the previous version of this tune - but hey - shoot me for not uploading the latest…) 2nd EDIT: ARGGHHH! There still were pops in that - clearly visible in spectral analysis, anyhow - I stripped them with an FFT filter that nailed anything above 20K hz. (soz if you can still hear them - they prolly annoy me more than you!)
  • Does this tune need more, like breaks, extra patterns, etc…
  • Currently - there is only a stereo expander, and a required DC Offset on the main sequence, can people give advice on this topic, what kind of DSP effects would be good for this tune? or should I leave it clean? Is that Stereo Expander really needed?? (As I’m getting sick of pointing out, I’m still fairly new to this stuff)

Hey hey heyyy, much better. This is big improvement over the old one, you fixed it quickly. Keep on rocking ;)

I further enmeshed the tune by adding a new pattern - making for more variation on the theme.

It was only a minor tweak, but I think it adds a bit more to it.

Please feel free to look at the old versions, the links are here and the one from before Hooligan / DCS’s crit is here.

Feel free to compare them, and suggest more, even if it is just to say you prefer on old over a new one!

btw I have the same “problem” with intros, I tend to make them sometimes way too long. I was critisized about it but I just can’t help myself, it shows in many of my tunes http://hooligan.bbs.fi/songs/ :slight_smile:

@ Hooligan / DCS - there are a few there - will take me a while to listen to all of them… Thanx for the link - I will treasure it on my bookmark list ;)