Compressing Song

hey hi.
I have now made some songs and would now like to compress the songs…

I have been reading about people who have gotten animations and music to only be around 64kb.
does anyone of you guys know about a program that can minimize my songs as much as possible
without ruing the quality to much…

I have a song around 27mb
and i would like to compress it to (Kb) something…

peace out
and thanks a lot.

PS. I have tried to do in windows song recorder but yeah something else besides that would be great…
oh and then also if you have some links to some tutorials that explains how that would also be cool

The short answer is it’s not possible.

But if you don’t mind some loss of audio quality look into compression formats. I would suggest either AAC or Og Vorbis and both have good compression rates and support from both software and hardware (AAC more out of the two.)

The really small songs would be using something similar to midi or other format where you’re not actually replying on a complete audio track for the audio. Rather like how you save your songs with instrument and pattern data etc but everything standardised.

ok nice
thanks alot man!!


Usually when you write 64kb type music you keep that in mind from the start and you make sample selections and pattern setups that will help with this.

It’s very hard to take a 27mb song and make it work but it might be a fun challenge :D Find new loop points, use ogg and cull instruments that sound the same and combine them.

Good luck :P

no it is not hard at all , in fact it is very easy, use CDEX , free program for converting Wav to mp3 or ogg. Ogg is probably the better of the two regarding filesize vs quality.

I know what you aim at…
Examples like the famous 64kb demos from groups like The Black Lotus etc. (folks that can stuff 9MB music and 15MB graphics into 64KB)
This technique requires good knowledge about waveshaping and optimal instrument designing to get songs that small and a good programmer who knows how to generate the audio samples.
Usually those demo’s only contain the music-data (pattern data) and instrument settings, the samples are pre-rendered audio-waves by a mathematical algorithm from the programmer who glued the whole demo together. Because the math formulas can be very small, that all fits into 64KB.

The formula’s are tested first, then the musician attempts to write music with the generated samples until it all works out well enough.
Then it is just let the formulas do the work, place the samples on their respective spots where they supposed to be and fire the song up.