Compression 101

I was just browsing around and found a interesting article called " Compression 101: teh basics"
I read the manual on how to use a compressor on this site and I still never understand any of that stuff.
After I read this article that elaborates more on what a compressor does and how to work one. After reading the article I have a much better understanding what the term threshold, ratio, attack, and release. I really recommend this for beginners.…basics-422.html

It is indeed good material…
For understanding the basics of a compressor only this is indeed a good startingpoint for every beginner.

I shall add the link to the compressor DSP description.

Though a lot of terms used are generic, like Release, Attack (Try ADSR on Wikipedia) . Also Threshold and ratio are generic terms. It would help you a lot to learn the definitions of these terms as it will help you out on a whole lot of other musical gadgets that use the same gadgets containing these terms.

Also when using compressors, specially applied to percussion, remember that compression takes out the dynamics of the audio.
For percussion, compression or high ratios on compression is rarely necessary. You can crank up the loudness but you get the discussion again on the “loudness war”

Nicely explained article!

Too bad i didn’t read this years ago, it would have made things so much easier. :unsure:

It’s a very common thing in “production forums” that people tell you to COMPRESS your kick, snare, whatever, but not HOW to compress it. Compression is not some kind of effect that will make your track awesome with a push of a button… even though some people still have that conception. :)

that’s reverb, right?

also i got a 403 forbidden error when i try to use the link above, but i found (i think?) the same article over at DOA:

good stuff

I wrote a heap on this ages back:

Usage of compression on percussion is typically not supposed to make percussion louder, it’s supposed to raise its apparent volume by raising the level of the tail in relation to the level of the peak. Compression is also useful for acoustic guitars when used in this fashion.

Don’t be afraid of them! Get in there and play like mad with them. It’s the only way to used to them so then you know how you want to use them for your own style.

That’s what she said.