Alright, so working on a song now.

In it, I’ve got compression on the drums.

Now, I wanna compress the entire song, but should I add a final compression on the Master-Channel


Compress all the instruments that are not drums.

The drums are all bein sent to a send-channel with compression.



Just put another send with the desired compression on every track except the drums if you want to omit them from the final compression, or just compress the master if you want everything to be included.
Maybe lower the compression on the drums, and make up for it on the master.

Thanks alot, i’ll do that!


I would actually recommend compressing the final mix as well as compressing the drum tracks individually, because it will allow all the instruments to gel together and fit better in the mix. Waves’ Renaissance compressor is very good for this, or if you know what you’re doing, try the Waves Linear Phase MultiBand for even better results.