Compressor Doesn't Work For Signals Totally In Stereo

The following device chain doesn’t work as expected (compressor does nothing):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<FilterDeviceClipboard doc_version="0">  
 <DeviceSlot type="StereoExpanderDevice">  
 <Visualization>Device only</Visualization>  
 <Visualization>Device only</Visualization>  

because the Compressor assumes [left amplitude] + [right amplitude] / c = [total amplitude] - for 1-channel-inverted signals, this always evaluates to 0, making the compressor never do anything.

Workaround: invert one channel before compressing, invert same channel after compressing.

This could be interpreted as a feature, not a bug: to “hide” frequencies from the compressor, invert their phase in one channel only :)

I assume this amplitude detection quirk also affects signal follower, bus compressor, etc…

Oh well, we would have to add some kind of “input mode” to all compressors then, so that you can listen to the left or right channel only.

Nothing which can be quickly “fixed” somehow, sorry.