Computer Hardware Problem, Help!

Hey s’up?

I recently bought me a PCI to PCMCIA/PC-CARD adapter, and build this device in my desktop pc, enabling me to use my echo indigo i/o soundcard in my pc. (

All of this works perfectly, low latency & bliss soundquality, but now I can’t seem to turn off the pc without it automatically rebooting, even tho I choose NOT to reboot! (same if I hold down the power button for more then 5 seconds) Only choise I have is pulling the plug, but this can’t be good for my system in the long run.

This has been the first pci card that I’ve ever installed myself, so maybe I forgot something or did something wrong?? Anybody here ever heard of this problem before? help!



nope. there shouldn’t be any problem with just installing any old pci device, all you gotta do is plug it in, install drivers, and you’re set.

maybe it is a problem with the specific drivers for that device?

i’m really not sure <_<

?? Bios settings ??

You might try install the pci device in the lowest slot, if you have more than one.
Otherwise there was a method of shut down windows a bit less gracefully, but still it would shut it down on it’s own:
Take care you have classic logon enabled (If you have XP PRO, you can do this), press CTRL-ALT-DEL, then while holding down the ctrl key, click upon “shutdown”
The system should go down within ten seconds.
But again, this is a less gracefull shutdown, all open applications and their open files are abruptedly terminated in process, so make sure you closed down any process that was going on.

Turn off any “wake on” options in bios. (eg. wake on LAN). These could well be your cause. To disable in entirely, you might be able to set a jumper on your mobo which is often labelled “+5vsb”, this is a system standby jumper which enables external devices to wake your machine.

check these suggestions

cheers for all the suggestions,

I disabled ‘wake on PME’ (dunno what this stands for->power management error, maybe?) & another wake on blah in the bios , and now the computer shuts down normally :)

Owh, nice info…
Is that why my optical mouse still remains lit up when the computer is totally powered down?

Yep, same reason (+5vsb)