Computer Keyboard Doesnt Work Anymore?

since ive plugged a midi-keyboard (evolution mk-449C) to play with renoise i can’t use anymore my computer keyboard.
I’ve disconnected the midi keyboard, restarted renoise but when i hit a key as “A” or “Z” any sound is produced however i see the key hitted in the semple key editor. When i click on th virtual keyboard in sample key editor sound goes. i searched in “preferences” set up but nothing changed. how could i retrieve the computer keyboard functionnality ? please help me.

edit: i tried to uninstall and re-install renoise: same result, computer keyboard doesn’t work : \

In 2.7 we introduced a default velocity setting for computer keyboard input:

Perhaps you have accidentally set this value to 0?

i think youre right. i solved the problem with uninstall full program and delete “app data” folder containing config.xml.
thanks for your answer.