Computer Keyboard Piano On/off Function

Hello Dev’s,

in tradition on the tracker history is this a good thing with the computer keyboard piano, but i guess for some situations can it be, that you wont to use more key commands on the the keyboard and it can be very helpful, if you set it off.

If its off you can set more “one key” commands on the keyboard to use only one hand.



plus one long time!

i cant imagine, that somebody hack a whole track with the Computer Keyboard Piano.
Some Midikeyboard is very handy for fast input with different volumes.

It is. But oldschool-tracking works this way :) I own a lot of midi-stuff but I still prefer to enter my notevolumes by hand.

Anyone remember Protracker without a note-volume-column? ;)

I have a midikeyboard here that I hardly use because of the qwerty keyboard :) ,tho I like the idea of being able to switch it of to be able to assign keys to whatever. This could be interesting if all assets of the Renoise gui could be shortcut mapped.

Same here. :)

Me too. But more one-key-shortcuts would be very useful in a live situation. Especially since I don’t have num pad on the laptop.

I’m addicted to entering the notes by QWERTY keyboard and rarely use my MIDI keyboard, but for those who are accustomed to MIDI keyboards this would free lots of keys to be assigned to useful functions.


really missing num pad on laptop too!

Ever thought about buying a keyboard with numpad you cheap basterds? :)

man my midi keyboard is collecting dust in a corner, but that’s also because it’s not velocity sensitive.

+1 for rebinding everything though :)

buy an external keyboard for my laptop? :wacko: :D

You could buy an usb numpad. They’re not that expensive. :)

Why not? Working with a standard keyboard and optical mouse on a laptop is far more fast and effective then trying to adapt to the often bad positioned and unresponsive laptop keys and touchpad. B)

Well, I rarely work on tracks at home. i usually work at coffee shops or bookstores so portability is key. i don’t think i’d like to drag along another keyboard. what i like most about renoise is that i can take my headphones and laptop and get on with :yeah:

my laptop keys aren’t unresponsive and i don’t mind the touchpad at all :)

actually i can’t imagine working without my keyboard - i bought myself midi controller like 4 years ago but after few months i sold it, i came to conclusion it’s better for me to use my old fashioned keyboard =)

but i agree with you, kind of option like that would be ok!

A midi keyboard is excellent for working, but not with a laptop, I find. The desk geography just gets too complex. With a desktop and a nice flat monitor it is heaven though.

And lets face it, most of you just use Ctrl+x to set the edit step, the mouse wheel to select the sample and just hold down Z


I am joking of course… It is just me who works like this.

I think if you put the ability keyboard off in a tracker then it would be like taking strings off a guitar…

Not against any changes - actually just the opposite - but this is something that I’m thinking might cripple the GUI for the newcomers and everyone.

Imho everything about tracking is the controls that it is for your 2 hands to create music…