Computer Music # 208 October 2014

Just a heads up. The latest issue has a 5 page spread on Renoise 3 as well as downloadable content.

scans or it didn’t happen.

scans or it didn’t happen.

Lol…they’ve got a sample video on Youtube

Slow clap, fucking awesome guys. I love it.

It looks like somebody uploaded the scans.

( link to copyrighted material removed )

Very nice. Congrats. You guys deserve to be taken seriously.

Thank you shazaam :slight_smile:

No thanks needed :walkman:

For those that haven’t read the article it really is nothing we haven’t seen before. That being said, for those that haven’t heard of Renoise I think that the article was pretty well done. It definitely covered some well knownfeatures of Renoise 3 without drawing attention to thepotentially confusing nature of a tracker for the uninitiated. I believe a lot of people who may have been on the fence about trying Renoise may just be swayed to download the demo.

this is great for the RENOISE team and it’s users like myself.