computer performance


i’ve tried all the tips for better performance except one… buying a new computer. :P

i’ve got a kinda old toshiba 1750 sattelite laptop… Celeron 633, 192M RAM… Crystal Labs 4281 sound & a not too impressive 8M video card…

tried running renoise with winME, 2k and XPPro. all services dead… WINmodem NOT connected…

renoise reports cpu usage at around 20000.0% for good quality on the demo songs… much less when tweaked… (500/600%)

has anyone had any luck with similar hardware?


(i’d buy another computer if i could!)

Holy crap dude.

I only have a 500Mhz (AMD), 6 year old 4MB (!) S3 video card, SB PCI 128, w/ 256MB RAM, Win2K and I have no problems playing the demos. Sure the CPU gets up there, but never over 100% (onmymind.rns reaches about 98%).

Maybe it is because you have a Celeron, they are known to have crappy FPU performance, and, if I’m not mistaken, Renoise does everything using floating point internally.

rotello :
do you have the same problems with older renoise versions (for example 1.25) ?

I have two older computers I tried running renoise on. 1 is a pentium II 400
and the other a celleron 466

For some reason, The celleron 466 runs the demo tracks (and anything else
I sequence) much much better, and I’m not sure why.

Both machines have the same amount of ram. The pII 400 had an sb 16
the celleron machine has some type of built in soundcard.

Strangely when I try to run renoise on my main p.c. (1500mhz amd)
It runs horribly slow. I think it may be too many soundcards in that
p.c. I’m hoping to sync my renoise p.c. through midi to my d.a.w.

Does renoise have performance issues with amd processors?


my secondary pc, which is an Athlon 1.4Ghz (KT133A, 640MB PC133, lofi via onboard sound), plays everything just as good as my P IV 2.7Ghz does, proportionally of course.
situations in which my P IV (i845E, 512MB PC333, Sblive! classic, KXdrivers) reaches ~15% CPU load, the AMD rig is at about ~20%, which is pretty much the way it should be i’d say.

what chipset and soundcard is your 1.5Ghz rig equipped with?