Computer Speakers

I’m on the market for a pair of computer speakers with a decent frequency range, mainly to compose and not mix.

I’d like to use lower electricity when composing and switch gears using monitors for synthesis and mixing.

Your thoughts, recommendations, or blips on the matter would be much appreciated :)

I think m-audio has a decent pair for $100 canadian

Thanks, I dug up an old one watt mini amp (plugged to my Mbox) with a nine volt adapter jack instead. I have a pair of KRK’s but I think they’re 140 watts each or combined, I forget…I needed a pair of low wattage speakers specifically for composing because of the electric bill. I’ll switch to monitors when its time to mix and synthesize.

How about a pair of headphones then?

I sometimes use headphones, but am worried about my tinnitus.

don’t listen too loud then?

lol, i don’t, anymore…