Confessions Of An Opium Eater

atomly - confessions of an opium eater

all renoise. samples for the drums. pro-52 for the pads and bassline. fm-7 for another pad. bassdrum sample from “Black and Blue” by Doormouse. vocal sample from Danny DeVito. :)

yet another woofer blower hehe… this time with more varied breaks. and that hardcore kick was pulled off quite well. certain parts kinda got a bit too muddled and messy for me - but that’s just subjective. not bad, very interesting piece.

Just listened to this tune again after hearing it briefly when it was first posted. A well mixed/ mastered piece. These sort of breaks are not my normal listening but the development and variation does keep the interest (more so after a couple of listens). There is good control of drum hits here.

A change that I would make would be to vary the backing as the tune progresses. If this was done well to complement the beat I think the tune as a whole would be a lot stronger.

Keep it up!

P.S. What did you use to master this piece?

i like the style a whole lot. reminiscent of something you’d hear on WARP. the vocal samples add a sepia cast to it that i really like. i think maybe the vocal should happen a bit more sporadically (they seem sort of clustered together in the second third of the track) and i’m tempted to think that the beats get too chaotic in places but i actually like them them the way they are. i don’t think “cleaning” them up would be a good thing. :)

i like.

It’s 100% Renoise, just dumped straight to a WAV file.

Nice work!

This is more like it.

Wicked love the way the hats bring it in, all the drums are awesome very well programmed and quite squarepusher me thinks, don’t like the vocal spoils it a bit, Danny DeVito just ain’t hardcore, and it goes on a bit without any variation, breakdown now, shut up Danny, nice chords a bit churchey, oh thought it was gonna come back in there which obviously tells me I wanna hear more which makes it a thumbs up in my opinion!

Nice keep it up…