I admit it, its a fair cop, I use pirated software and always have done ever since my mum bought me a BBC B instead of a Spectrum (it was more educational)

I’m 29 and have only ever paid money for one piece of software in my life and that was Elite on the BBC - an all time classic and worth every penny.

Nothing else has made me want to part with my cash until now.

Renoise - I wouldn’t care if I could find a cracked copy or if someone passed me a serial code I would still pay the registration for this. Credit where credits due.

No other computer program has made me so happy to discover it. I thought my days of making music were over, I just couldn’t be bothered and didn’t have the patience to get to grips with all the new stuff and FT2 was just too low quality. Thankyou Renoise team for bringing my taste for music making back again.

Register kids you know it makes sense.

same here!!! i must admit! the last bit of software i bought was Elite for the C64!!! but renoise deserves the cash in my books, it has the support and the people making it are interested in what they are making,

it gets my vote!!! it’s pukka!

Paulr :blink: