I’m coming from Impulse Tracker as far as previous progs go, and have NEVER like the Fast Tracker interface as far as keyboard shortcuts and what not goes. Is there anywhere I can download a custom keyboard config that mimic’s impulse tracker’s keyboard layout? I know it’s not going to turn renoise into a souped up IT, but I really need this…also, is there anyway to reassign the note commands to mimic impulse tracker as well? i.e. instead of 0axx for sample offset, 0oxx for offset?

Also, is there a way to NOT show lines in hex? I’m used to decimals from IT as well…effects in hex are fine…it’s the patterns that are throwing me off…i’m sure if I use the prog enough, I’ll get over (pffft) but…well…i’m getting confused by it at the moment.

Thanks in advance. By the way, nice tracker. Nice sound and most importantly, NICE STABILITY!

There’s a guy on this board named something like IT-Alien who’s got an Impulse Tracker config. I started to use it, but it wasn’t enough like Impulse Tracker for me, so I decided to stick with the default, so I’d at least have the manuals on my side.

I was die-hard Impulse Tracker since 1998 up until about 3 weeks ago. It’s taking a bit of work to learn a new tracker, but I’ve since kind of enjoyed the renoise keys.

I never thought I’d adjust to use hex numbers in pattern editor (not out of lack of understanding of hex, just used to 16,32,64, etc) but it’s starting to grow on me.

The only thing from Impulse Tracker I see no hope of adjusting to the lack of, are: Not being able to rip samples/instruments directly from modules, and only have row highlighting every 4, instead of every 4 and 16. (or others, depending on the style)

But you don’y need to use hex numbers in pattern editor. you can switch between hex and dec, in config panel. I can’t tell u the exact location, cause i don’t have renoise installed here at work but i think u will find with no problem…

Thanks for pointing out the hex/dec option. ;) I haven’t played with renoise for very long (less than 2 hours total)…must’ve slipped past me…

That guy is me :)

you can download the IT-look-a-like pack here.

Wasn’t done by me, though, and also It-Alien hasn’t got anything to do with Impulse Tracker :)