Configuring Multi-out Instruments

Hi, everyone, new user here. I spent about four hours last night setting up renoise and learning the basic functionality.

I have a question. If I’m using a multi-out instrument, in particular a sample instrument, how do I configure tracks in renoise to use different ports? This is important to me because I like to process ports on different tracks so that I can use different effects, automation parameters, etc.



you can definitely use multioutput VST instruments:
see description here and look for “Using a VST Instrument Alias through channelling” paragraph.

please note that Renoise currently does not support multitimbrality, so you can use different ports, but you cannot separate their audio ouputs, for example for assigning each of them to a different effect chain.

if you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask

Well, it looks like my problem is half solved. At least I know I can route internally in the plug (although this is a lot more of a pain than using the host).

I hope this gets updated in a future release.

Thanks for your quick and helpful reply.