Confused By Track[].is_Empty

Open Renoise demo song “masquerade” by Keith303 (under the help menu). returns false. What’s the data in that patterntrack? There seems to be no automation or note data.

I have the same problem on various patterntracks in some of the other demo songs. Maybe it’s old garbage data from a previous Renoise version?

It’s line 129 that contain a glide command. Try enlarging the pattern by one line?

Seems the “is_empty” property is reporting data, even if that data isn’t visible / an active part of the song.

Thanks a lot danoise! I shouuld have spotted it.

I guess I need a custom function only checking visible lines then. (As far as i know, iterating :lines_in_range() is as fast or slightly faster than pattern_iterator for something like this.)