Connecting A Microphone To My Usb Soundcard?


need some help,i wanna record my own voice to use in my music

i got a microphone connected to a XLR male in one end and a 1/4" male in the end that needsto go in the soundcard,but where do i connect it in the soundcard?

im using a usb soundcard that came with a old cubase version,its the steinberg mi4
it has output-line in-insert and line in connections that fits with the 1/4" male???

on the front it got instrument in and headphone in.

have never used my mic,so im a complete newb

do i need some other cables like the first on this site??

You could simply use one of the line ins instead.…68be866513b5899

Doesn’t matter if left or right, since you’re recording mono anyway.
If that doesn’t work due whatever the reason might be (no idea how the mi4 behaves), an xlr male to female cable should just work.

that didnt work,no sound,think im gonna have to order that xlr male to female cable after all :(

What kind of microphone are you using? most microphones need an external preamp to boost there signal to line level… So mic --> Preamp --> audiointerface, though alot of audio interfaces have built in mic preamps… possible located in the “instrument” in? hopes this helps you…

if you’re using a dynamic mic (like a shure sm58) you don’t need phantom power to use the mic, so you wouldn’t need a mic preamp as well as your steinberg interface.
i would suggest buying / or borrowing an xlr male to female- the female end goes into the mic and the male end goes into the balanced input on your interface, then if the mic is working properly, you will be able to record your voice, hope this helps