Connectiong Delta 44 To Mixer


I truly fell stupid about this but, I’m running out of patience and I can see the mistake.

I have a Delta 44 and a Behringer Xenyx 802, and I’m trying to hook them together. I had the same setup working just fine before with an Alesis Multimix 6 FX, and now I don’t.

Here is the chain I currently have:

  • Delta on the computer,
  • Out 1 and 2 of the Delta on the Main Out of the mixer
  • Inputs from the monitor speakers connected on the CTRL Room Out of the Mixer

While this “works”, it’s not even close in sound loudness as it was before when it was connected correctly.

The mixer has:

  • 2 plugs for stereo aux return
  • 2 plugs line in 3/4
  • 2 plugs line in 5/6
  • and one plug for Send FX

pic to illustrate:

What am I doing wrong in that chain that’s making the sound come out so low? How should I be hooking things up to get that fixed?

I appreciate the help. Thanks.

prob fixed

care to tell what it was?