Conrol + Mouse Clicking...


This is just a minor touch, but it would be neat if ctrl+clicking on a fader resetted the value (to 0db for example) as in most other applications… :)

this would cause an interface conflict on Macs. They use ctrl+click to do right clicking in case the user has a 1 button mouse. THe effects all have ‘init’ options to reset to defaults in their context menus. and you can type in 0 if you really need it. i don’t see a point to this feature.

what key is then used for this in the mac software (such as cubase and logic)? It could be assigned to the same button on renoise… and i think it should be the default “default” key on both platforms if implemented :):slight_smile:

i suppose you could use the ‘command’ (apple) key. however, i still think the feature is kind of useless given the alternatives i mentioned above.

yeah… surely the faders can be resetted using those methods too…

I’m actually just looking at the features that are missing from a point of view of using a (dinosaur) sequencer for a long time. Just thinking how to help the developers make this program more easily appealing to the new users who come from different directions and softwares. :)