Consider The Song Changed If External Window Is Opened

Perhaps this functionality exists and I am just unaware of it, but if it doesnt, here goes.

I find myself constantly losing small changes I make to VST effects or instruments.
Especially at mastering stage - where I make many small changes, and exit Renoise a lot.

When an external VST window is opened - both effect and instrument - and a change is made in this window, Renoise does not consider the song changed. So exiting Renoise will not prompt to save.

I am guessing it is not a part of the VST protocol to report back to the host when a change is made, so I would like to suggest to use the strict approach: If an external window is opened, consider the song changed.

I have a deep innate connection to the ‘save button’, so hadn’t noticed this. I just checked and you’re right. Try saving your projects regularly, or use the ‘auto save back ups’ feature in the preferences menu.

I don’t know if it is possible to detect VST changes or not.

Hey Ashkan, yeah - I also am very connected to Ctrl+S but when the song gets too long with many samples and VSTs, saving is a long process - so at the mastering stage, I skip it, in hope that Renoise will tell me if it needs to be saved before I exit.

I think it is better to be strict and even if the VST do not report, have the “file is changed” flag in renoise turned on whenever the button for opening an external window is pressed.